A valuable addition to windows and doors in residential or commercial environments is appropriate security screening. The right type of screening not only protects a home from intruders and insects, but can also protect from bush fire attack, prevent falls from windows, and contribute to a building’s comfort and energy performance.

Security screens can be fitted to most doors and windows, including those with louvres, without impacting on performance or detracting from architectural designs. Modern high-visibility security screening, such as Invisi-Gard from Alspec, has been developed to keep homes protected without impacting on light and views.

Taylors Aluminium - Security Screening
Taylors Aluminium - Security Screening

Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, Invisi-Gard security screens make a home secure from intruders while providing many other benefits including:

  • BAL40 rated to protect from bush fire attack
  • Window fall prevention to keep children safe
  • Allowing windows to be safely left open to promote natural ventilation

For those in cyclone-prone locations, Alspec’s Invisi-Maxx security screens provide additional strength to resist airborne debris and projectiles, protecting both people and property during extreme weather events.

When delivering aluminium window and door framing needs, Taylors can also fabricate and install the appropriate screening to meet project specifications.