Aluminium framing systems play an integral role in any new build or renovation, providing the interface between the glazed components and the main building structure. Taylors manufacture and install Alspec aluminium framing systems which integrate seamlessly with window and door selections.

Whether creating a high-ceilinged entry foyer, showroom frontage, or expansive internal glazed partitioning, each system can be customised to suite project specifications.

The product range includes aluminium framing to accommodate all styles of glazing including:

  • centre pocket
  • flush glazed
  • acoustic
  • front-on glazing
Taylors Aluminium - Commercial Framing
Taylors Aluminium - Commercial Framing

Each type of aluminium framing system possesses qualities which make it more suited to particular applications. The experienced staff at Taylors Aluminium can help demystify the process by identifying the appropriate system for a project. For example, ecoFRAMEplus® is the ideal framing system when the priority is energy efficiency, while Hastings 550 Front Glazed Plant On System provides a contemporary façade for upmarket residential and commercial applications.

Taylors Aluminium work with an extensive array of architects and builders to deliver large projects for government, education and industry clients, as well as working on prestige properties and boutique homes to meet sophisticated architectural demands.

When materials and quality matter, Taylors deliver a complete window, door and framing service which will transform any high-end residential, commercial foyer or expansive showroom project.