Commercial-grade aluminium windows and doors are fabricated with high quality materials to meet exacting industry standards. Selecting the right commercial window and door products means appreciating the ability of each type to address the requirements of specific applications, locations and styles.

Taylors Aluminium provide complete aluminium window and door services from design through to manufacture and install. As a fabricator of Alspec products, Taylors Aluminium have access to an extensive suite of commercial window and door styles to ensure the right type is found to satisfy both function and form.

While products are designed for commercial applications, they are also appropriate for high-end residential builds. The high quality componentry of commercial ranges supports complex architectural requirements such as over-sized openings, structural needs or energy efficiency demands.

Choosing the best door for a location depends on many factors including:

  • available opening space to allow for operation of the door
  • the desired height and width of the opening
  • type and weight of glazing panels to be accommodated
  • compatibility with other building components
Taylors Aluminium - Commercial Windows & Doors
Taylors Aluminium - Commersial Windows & Doors

These factors need to be balanced with design considerations, such as opting for cavity sliding doors to satisfy an architecturally minimalist approach, or selecting post-free corner sliding doors to maximise views in multiple directions.

For commercial premises, Hawkesbury® Commercial Multi-Fold Doors are a popular solution, with the ability for doors to stack internally or externally to maximise the size of an opening. The top hung style uses tyred guides in concealed channels to effortlessly stack to one side to open, while providing a weathertight seal for premises when closed.

During the design stage practical concerns for end users need to be taken into account. For example, Hawkesbury® Top Hung Commercial sliding doors enable easy rolling of heavier double-glazed units, while ProGlide UltraFlatTM High Performance Sliding Doors provide wheelchair accessibility.

Choosing a style of openable window depends on the ventilation needs and planned uses of a room, with options including double hung, awning, sliding or casement windows. Double hung windows offer the ability for air to flow at both the higher and lower levels, while sliding windows can maximise an opening width. Awning windows have the advantage of providing natural ventilation while keeping out wind and rain, and can easily be restricted with appropriate fastenings to satisfy safety and security requirements.

Through accessing the wide selection of Alspec products, Taylors can meet all the window and door framing needs to deliver a project vision. Expert advice from experienced staff ensures the appropriate window is identified for each situation, while the design team can assist with customised solutions for special projects.